Design your Own Credit Card

Did you know that you can design your own credit card? This idea has actually been around for several years now. In 2007, Capital One introduced a Card Lab which was promoted with funny ads on TV to tout this flexibility. Garanti, a Turkish Bank also started to offer Flexi Card around this time, which states that it has 9,000 financial combinations. Recently, banks have started to make do-it-yourself cards available to consumers.

According to some of the experts in this industry, when you are able to design your own credit card this will help the providers to tap into a major trend. Increasing default rates have shown why it’s important for consumers to understand the terms and conditions of their cards. In addition, the economic downturn has made more consumers aware of the need to have total control of their finances, even if they can get the best black credit cards.

What is a black credit card? These credit cards represent one of the best symbols of status for those who want to flaunt their riches. Since they are only available to high income earners with huge spending abilities, having a black card helps to make a significant statement about a person’s worth. Cardholders often get star treatment and can benefit from personal assistance while travelling for business or pleasure; for gifting as well as entertainment needs. With black credit card no limit offers, card holders get VIP access all over the world at airport lounges and much more.

Here’s more information to help you design your own credit card. Discover introduced CardBuilder website allowing consumers to create cards by specifying how they are planning to use them; the type of rewards they want and toggling switches that would control the introductory and APR offers.

After that, American Express started to offer Zync card that was geared towards young consumers and giving them options of four packs, style, go, eco and restaurant. All of them had different reward structures according to personal preferences.

Apart from giving consumers a chance to customize their credit cards after creating it, some providers are offering flexibility regarding how cardholders pay for bills. Chase launched Chase Blueprint in September 09 with a set of features, which enables customers to look at their spending in category; to repay a percentage of bills; and to carry the balance to another card as well as set the amounts for monthly payment.

When you have the option to design your own credit card such as Hello Kitty credit card, this trend is said to be advantageous. This is because you are getting a chance to create a card that would not be available otherwise to suit your needs.