Hello Kitty Store

It is a fact that anybody can have a Hello Kitty credit card and it is no big deal getting one. Although it might sound surprising to you, the credit card will actually be given by Visa and MasterCard through banks, with features that will allow you to access your account anytime you want and anywhere there is a Visa or MasterCard facility. Most companies that are giving the credit cards would allow you to select the kind of image that you want on your card, allowing you to create really cool credit card designs that you can give to your friends and loved ones as gifts.

The fictional character that was first introduced in 1974 gave the Hello Kitty credit card its name. Hello Kitty is one of the best characters in the Sanrio Collection, a company that is based in Japan. However, although she was born in Japan, Hello Kitty is actually British and she lives with her family composed of Papa, Mama and her twin Mimmy, in Suburban London. When the character was first launched, it became very popular among Japanese girls quickly and through the years, it became famous in Britain and the United States as well. Hello Kitty came to be so famous that it even has its own animated series shown in American and Japanese TV. The popularity of the character gave rise to various lines of goods such as Hello Kitty bags, Hello Kitty Beddings, Hello Kitty digital camera and just recently the Hello Kitty debit card.

In getting a personalized Hello Kitty credit card, you can let the bank do the customization with a pre-approved picture that you selected or you can send a photo that you like, send it to the credit card firm and it will print it on the credit card for you. However, you have to wait for the approval of the credit card company first or else they would reject your picture.

The application process for Hello Kitty credit cards is easy, since you only need to have access to the internet and acceptable credit to begin the application. However, you should ensure that you have good credit profile and finances before getting one. The credit card is classified as Platinum Visa so you will be denied if your credit rating is poor. If such is the case, you should improve your credit score first before getting one of these personalized credit cards.

To apply, you need to go to the Sanrio online site, which is at http://sanrio.com/credit_card/index.php. Once accepted, your Hello Kitty credit card will be sent to you by mail. Once you have it, always use it responsibly and never charge more than you can pay each month to avoid financial trouble.